Greetings my dear cultists,

I wish you a warm welcome the official page of the Squidhead.

So, what is Squidhead? Well, let's try to present it in a few words (or maybe a bit more) :

Under this strange moniker, you'll find the musical solo project of Pierre "Pish" Minet, a little dude from the deep of Belgium. This guy has been playing guitar and writing riffs for a while and finally decided to put out is very own and personal vision of music.

How does it sound then? Tricky question indeed. it's always difficult to speak about your own music without sounding like a shy boy or a show-off.

The best you can do is just listening to it and get your own opinion but, if you can not handle such pressure on you, just imagine some instrumental metal music with heavy chunky 8 strings guitar riffs mixed with melodic licks, atmospheric parts, a bit of shredding soli (yeah, I must admit, I love wankering) and probably some poor rip-off of my favorite bands like Meshuggah, Devin Townsend, Steve vai, morbid Angel, fear Factory and more...
I've been listening to those for years so, even if I pretend that my stuff is original, you'll most probably find tons of their influences in here. I can help it, I love those guys.

SO, take a seat, put my sh*t in your sound device and enjoy!!

Go on bandcamp to grab the debut EP :


Pierre "Pish" Minet   (Guitar, Bass, Electronics, drums programming,.. in fact, Everything!)