New single revealed!

All right boys and girls,

The wait is over and we are super excited to present to you our new single "TORN SKIES" from the upcoming album (to be released in 2016).

Let us know what you think and share it all around you!


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New Line-up revealed

Dear you all,

As you probably know, the Squidhead has started as a one man project. But it's also an evolving entity that manifests a strong desire to go on stage and share is music live. And to do so, it needs other human beings...

So, It's my great pleasure to introduce to you the new line-up of the Squidhead!
From left to right : Benoit "Bono" Jean (bass), Renaud Hance (drums), Pierre "Pish" Minet (guitar & electronics) and Kevin Sanchez (vocals).

The band is currently working hard on the next record and will release a first single very soon so, stay tuned.

Share the news and help me give a warm welcome to the new team!!!

Debut EP now streaming on Youtube
Hey guys,

The entire debut EP Prohibiton is now streaming on the Youtube channel.

As some of you sometimes asked for it, YES, you can still grab your copy of this EP. Go to our bandcamp page to purchase you copy (available on digital and physical copy) or send us a message:

And, as always, THANKS for your support!

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Squidhead mask (making of)

Hey guys,

Here is the making of the new stage mask I've recently done for the future live shows.

Hope you enjoy!

(Beware, there is a risk of big fluffy dog in the background)

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Website (finally) updated!

Hey guys,


it took us a while but we FINALLY made some updates on this website (Yayyyy)!

So, a lot of things are going on right now:

New line-up in the making (yes, actual humans are joining the Squid)

New masks (because there will be live performances in the near future)

And of course, NEW ALBUM!


We'll keep you updated in the coming weeks




The Squid